Real Estate Sense: When to Stay in an Underwater Home

Before the real estate market crash of 2008, millions of Americans invested with the expectation that their property would escalate in market value and could eventually be sold for a profit. Reality Check. Four years later, while significant progress has been made in turning the seemingly fragile real estate industry around, we still have a long way to go.

If you are currently upside down in your mortgage or other real estate investments, you are not alone. Thousands of metro Atlanta real estate owners are currently under water with their real estate and owe more than their home is actually worth. From a national perspective, more than 25% of home mortgages are going for less than what they were originally paid for. While this is great news for the buyers in this market, it makes for a really difficult situation for sellers. Coming out on top in this market as a seller requires even more strategy and thoughtful decision making than ever before.

Waiting for the market to fully rebound sounds like a great idea in theory, but for some, life circumstances simply will not allow for that. Whether it is an expansion in the family, the need to move for a job or a change in your financial situation, the time to make a sound and solid decision about their current financial and real estate situation must come sooner rather than later.

Paige Slyman has been guiding metro Atlantans with real estate questions and decisions for the better part of 20 years and is regularly sough after to help develop a plan to help his clients with their current real estate situation.

There are two common scenarios in this seemingly common situation for metro Atlantan home owners

You love your home and neighborhood

If your home fits your family’s life, is affordable and you believe will continue to be a great place for you and your family, in general, and depending on circumstances, I would advise home owners that fall into the category to avoid making market-based decisions, regardless if the home is upside down or not. In plain English, we are saying stay put and enjoy the home you love and hope that the market continues to make strides in terms of guide and stability.

Your home is no longer a fit for you and your family

On the other hand, thousands of families across the nation simply cannot stay in their current home, for a multitude of reasons. In these instances, it might make sense to divest and consider options of exiting the home, regardless of the market. Paige Slyman is an expert in guiding real estate owners in these situations and he can advise on current market trends, various financial options and comprehensive exiting strategies that will allow you and your family to leave the current situation financially sound.

Property Management Option

One option for those feeling “stuck” in their current home is property management, which Paige Slyman offers to his clients. Basically this option would allow you to exit your home, all while you still on the property and rent it out. This allows for the renter to help subsidize or even some instances fully cover your mortgage. With rental prices soaring in metro Atlanta this has become a very sought after and often times lucrative option for real estate owners. Contact Paige Slyman today to see if property management is a solution that you should further consider.

In closing, while the market fights to leave its limbo phase and reach a greater level of stability, take an honest look at your current situation and determine if your home is a place that will continue to be a good fit for your family. If this is a home that you and your family can grow in and you feel comfortable with, consider avoiding market based decisions. However, if you need an exit strategy and want to minimize the risk of financial loss, contact Paige Slyman to get started with your customized real estate plan.

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