What REALTORS like you should know about Property Management

Have you ever had a home that went a different direction because it wasn’t selling?  To help resolve this, have you thought about using a property manager to help? To capture this real estate recession, homeowners need to sell. Slyman Real Estate property managers are a great alternative to suggest to homeowner’s that are having a hard time selling their home.

Slyman Real Estate Property Managers

90% of real estate companies do not allow property management as part of their services, due to the amount of time you would have to invest in each home, in addition to the homeowners and the tenants. Slyman Real Estate offers property management for realtors, as an alternative!

When bringing aboard Slyman Real Estate as a property manager, you are reassured with more than just benefits!

–  Recommending & supervising all repairs and or maintenance for the home

–  Collecting, processing, and depositing all rent payments and owner proceeds in a timely manner

–  Guaranteed payments- If check is ever insufficient from the tenant, Slyman Real Estate makes payments to the homeowner regardless

–  Maintaining personal relationships between homeowners and tenants to ensure customer service beyond expectations

–  Available all hours and easy to access

Home Sold- Slyman Real Estate


Closing a deal is far better than loosing a deal. Investing in property managers like Slyman Real Estate, you not only have the reassurance of your sale, but reassurance that you are working with a company that will take care of both you and your homeowner!

For more information on how you can help close more deals, contact us at Slyman Real Estate today!

Pest Control and Your Home

Pest control is a BIG must when it comes to leasing, renting, and owning a home (or any building for that matter). I think everyone can agree that no one wants rodents and insects joining them for dinner or popping up during a meeting. While we can say that no one wants them around, we cannot say that they aren’t there. They are, and they need to be dealt with properly.

You may be able to handle them on your own, but it is a bit tricky.  Here are some tips that may help you when doing so;

1. When buying chemicals, read the label carefully in order to fully understand the risks and proper usage of each product.

2. Buy products that cater to your personal pest problems – If you had a problem with ants only, you wouldn’t need roach killer.

3. If you have children, purchase child friendly pesticides. There should be a notice saying it is child safe if it is, if it is not there will not be one present.

4. Prevent pests through keeping good sanitation and food storage habits.

5. Manage your outdoor lighting in order to prevent insect gathering.

6. Seal window/door cracks and use door sweeps to prevent bugs from being able to squeeze their way in.

7. Use/Fix window screens. This will keep flying bugs, such as flies, wasps, and bees out.

8. Fix moisture problems to keep your home dry. This can help you prevent spider infestations.

Whether the problems are ants, wasps, bees, roaches, insects, fleas, spiders, or rodents, they have to be dealt with immediately, properly, and safely. If you are still a little confused about how to properly go about ridding yourself of these creatures, call a local pest service. It is always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to this issue.

Making your backyard more inviting

One very important thing about owning a home is keeping the yards well maintained. It is a huge turn off to see a home with an unkept yard scattered with eye sores. So this week we wanted to give you all a few tips that would help you make your backyard more inviting to your guests, as well as yourself and your own family. 

The first thing you always need to be aware of is keeping your yard clean of all debris and trash. Removing old and broken garden statues, gnomes, fountains, etcetera is easy to do and doesn’t cost you a thing. Repairing ones you really want to keep is not a bad option either. Be sure to keep your patio areas clean, swept off, and keep the seating clean and well arranged. Tearing down old fences that block off unused portions of your yard is a great way to open up more room for children to play, as well as get rid of an eye sore.

Your yard also needs to be well taken care of. Keeping the grass cut and well fertilized is a great idea if you want a yard that people wouldn’t mind being invited to. You also want to make sure your hedges and bushes are cut and trimmed. Be sure to always have a freshly cut lawn, and why not keep it irrigated properly so it stays a nice shade of green.

Keeping it organized is a must. If you have a lot of yard equpitment (weed-eaters, push/riding lawn mowers, shovels, rakes, etc.) your yard would look much better if all those things were organized neatly in one specific, out of the way part of the yard. The same goes for the kids toys. We all know kids love to play and leave things scattered, but we can place them neatly in a certain area of the yard before our guests arrive for a nice evening with friends. This way they can enjoy your beautifully put together and well groomed yard, relax, and have a good time.

Hopefully this blog has helped you make your yard more inviting and has made you happier with it personally. Remember, at Slyman Real Estate GA, we care. Don’t forget to find us on Facebook and LinkedIn, and follow us on Twitter.

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