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Property Management
Property Management
“My business model is very successful against the big company names. Face facts, it is not the sign in the yard that leases the property, but the marketing plan. I will be happy to show you how my unique business model wins.” ~Paige Slyman


Property Management

Paige Slyman is excellent with Property Management.

Property Management 101 / Part 1

What do you think about when you hear the term property manager? A homeowner may think, “I can’t afford to pay someone to manage my property.” On the other hand, a REALTOR® may fear that to introduce a property manager and lease arrangement, a viable listing will be lost. As a matter of fact, neither […]

Property Management 101 / Part 3

Let’s face it. Real Estate has always been a competitive business. As a REALTOR® it is difficult not to keep your cards (in your case your clients) close to your chest. Most of us do this by proving professional and personalized service. If you are faced with a home that will not sell for whatever […]

Metro Atlanta Demand for Home Rentals Skyrocket, Leads to Increased Opportunities for Real Estate Investors

As the real estate market in Metro Atlanta finds its new identity from the aftermath of the market crash during the first decade of this century, one thing is for certain, anyone having a tough time selling their home or looking to re-build their wealth and profit in an unstable economy should consider investing in […]
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