Property Management 101 / Part 2

Q: “My house has been on the market now for long time and I do not feel that I am going to be able to sell the house any time soon. I’m considering renting it but can’t decide whether to manage it myself or hire a property management company to manage it for me. My concern is – Won’t I be giving up profits to a property manager that I could keep myself?”    

A: This is a common question and concern for property owners and the answer is yes, and no. While there is a cost associated with property management services, the amount saved can be tremendous and the benefits far outweigh the costs over the span of the rental period.

While most property management companies in Atlanta, GA can help a property owner find a tenant and manage repairs to the property, not all property management companies are created equal.

With Slyman Real Estate, you’ll appreciate all the details that we put into managing property and will see how we can actually save you time and money on your rental venture.

Our property management services include all phases of the process of renting a home from locating tenants to taking care of maintenance issues and everything in between.

Slyman Real Estate offers many property management benefits:

1. Accurate Property Evaluation – We are very knowledgeable regarding the current rental market. We can give you a realistic expectation of what the rental amount and terms should be in order to minimize the time the property remains unoccupied and maximize the owner’s rental income.

2. Successful Staging of Property – Because we are in and out of many rental properties as well as properties for sale every day, we know what today’s renters are looking for. We bring expertise in staging which leads to successful marketing of rental properties.

3. Excellent Marketing Services – We know our industry and how to market rental properties so that they do not sit unoccupied. We have a network that we work with to place renters. Through our real estate business, we are also in contact with potential renters on an ongoing basis.

4. A Well-Maintained Property – A property that doesn’t look maintained will cause a renter to either look further or attempt to negotiate a lower rental payment.  We can recommend minor repairs and updates that could make a big difference on the impression made by the property.

5. Procurement of Strong Tenants – We will handle the process of screening potential renters to ensure a successful rental experience for the owner. This includes:  application review with full screening, credit check, copy of full credit report, bank account information, copy of driver’s license, social security number, and income and employment verification.

6. Lease Document Preparation & Execution – We provide lease document and hold the security deposit for the owner.

7. Guaranteed Payments to Owner – Payment to the owner is made immediately upon receipt of renter’s payment. We take care of all payments and collections.

8. Timely Repairs and Work Guaranteed – We act on the best interest of the owner. No repairs are made without the owner’s approval. We know the renter’s satisfaction and contentment is also important and we take pride in protecting your reputation and investment

9. No Commission Charged on Tenant Renewals – This translates into more income for the owner.

10.  24/7 Service for Renters and Owners – No matter when or what time service is called for, you won’t get an answering service.

In short, our professionals take the stress off the property owner saving time, headaches, and money. With a properly managed property, the owner’s expense and energy is greatly reduced.

In part 3 of this series, we’ll address how we can benefit the REALTOR® who may have a listing that simply cannot sell which the owner may desire to rent.  As always, we appreciate any feedback or comments.

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