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Welcome to Paige Slyman Real Estate. For over 2 decades, Paige has been serving the metro Atlanta and Cobb County real estate community and prides himself on providing unparalleled customer service and uncompromising attention to detail. Celebrated for his acute and extensive knowledge of both industry trends and the metro Atlanta market, Paige is sought after industry wide for his expert real estate buying and selling services.

Whether you are in the market to buy or sell your home, you have come to the right place. Paige Slyman is more than a REALTOR ®, he is an industry expert with extensive experience in guiding his clients to maximize results and reduce market time. With almost 95 percent of his clients coming from referrals or word of mouth, he stands strong in the belief that what sets Slyman Real Estate apart from other firms is his consultative and personalized approach.

FMLS – Forefront of Atlanta’s Multiple Listing Service

Always on the forefront of real estate market trends and technology, Paige Slyman makes use of the First Multiple Listing Service (FMLS), which enables him to have access to a wealth of properties and brings you one step closer to your dream home. The firm specializes in both residential and commercial properties, and his clients take comfort in knowing that not only are they in the hands of a notable metro Atlanta real estate veteran, but that their selling or buying experience is being backed up with the latest and greatest the industry has to offer in terms of technology.


Search all of Cobb County Real Estate

Renowned for his personalized approach to the real estate and buying and selling process, Paige is committed to providing his clients with the most customized real estate search options in metro Atlanta.


Cobb County Homes “For Sale” by Subdivision Name

For many looking to purchase a home, it is imperative that they buy a home that is in a particular area or subdivision. Staying true to his commitment to provide customized service to his clients, he proud has incorporated the ability for his clients to narrow their search for the perfect home by specific Cobb County subdivisions as classified by FMLS. With a wealth of homes for sales in neighborhoods all over Cobb County available at your finger tips, we are certain you will find your dream home. Not sure of the subdivision name you are looking for?

By School District

For many families, choosing a home in the right school district is extremely important. Paige Slyman recognizes that having the ability to customize the home buying experience by searching for homes in particular school districts is crucial. When working with Paige Slyman, you will be able to narrow your home search down by district in metro Atlanta.

By Zip Code, Street Name, or FMLS Number

Nobody understands the importance of buying a home in a particular zip code or street than Paige Slyman. When collaborating with his clients, they have the ability to enter very specific search criteria, such as zip code, FMLS number or even street name to narrow down the search process. A metro Atlanta real estate expert, Paige is available to field any questions or concerns about real estate in a particular area or subdivision.

Searching for Cobb County Foreclosures?

Paige Slyman is an expert in both the foreclosure process and assisting clients in finding the perfect foreclosure property in Cobb County. Whether you are looking to buy a foreclosed home for investment purposes or to get a great deal for a home for your family, Paige Slyman is here to help

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