Count Down To Autumn Part 2: 7 critical things to do when selling your home

In last week’s blog we focused on the fact that we are steadfastly drawing near the end of what most real estate professionals consider to be the “real estate buying” season. If you recall, we mentioned that the months between February and October have been coined that because historically, the real estate industry sees more transactions during those months than any other time of the year. In part one of our series on things to do as the real estate buying season ends” we focused on tips for buyers that have yet to find their dream home. In part two, we will take a look at what MUST be done to ensure that your home sells in a timely manner. After all, the real estate “buying season” is about to be over and you have still not sold your home, and that means one thing, it’s time to re-evaluate your selling strategy.

Re-evaluation is a key aspect to any real estate selling strategy. This requires taking an open and honest look about what is and is not working with your current approach. Below are tried and true, results driven tactics and advice given from one of Atlanta’s real estate heavy weights, Paige Slyman. The below advice comes from years of experience and industry know how. Take notes because you are about to learn the tricks of the trade that could make the difference between your home sitting on the market or you getting to say the triumphant and glorious word that anyone selling their home longs to hear, “Sold.”

Four Seasons, Four Sets of Photos

When prospective home buyers find your property on real estate listing websites, one of the biggest “red flags” they will see is if your photos do not match the current season that you are in. For example, if a home buyer is looking at your home photos in the summer months, but your photos are of your home with no trees and perhaps even worst … snow in the picture… nothing says “lack of attention to detail” and “wow, this home has still not sold?” than pictures that are not up to date and current. Paige recommends updating and changing your photos for all four seasons. This will also give a fresh new look and approach that could perhaps even interest people that have once overlooked your home. Providing current photos is a key aspect of real estate marketing strategy and should be executed immediately.

Maximize MSL Photos, Maximize MSL SEO

In the quest to maximize the effectiveness and efficiency of their marketing efforts, many businesses go to great lengths to increase their search engine optimization. If you are unclear of what this is, let us briefly explain. Have you ever done a Google or other search engine Internet search? More than likely, the answer is yes. Well, search engine optimization or SEO for short, is an attempt to put your website or listing at the top of people’s internet search. Research proves that links that are at the top of Internet searches are more likely to be visited than links that are not at the top of a person’s search results.

MLS listings have the ability to have SEO capabilities as well. Did you know that MLS puts listings with the maximum number of photos (40 photos to be exact) at the top of all MLS searches. MLS then puts listings in order according to how many photos are in each listing. For example, if you have 40 photos in your listing you will be at the top of a person’s MLS search results, however, if you have only 10 photos you will be closer to the bottom of the search results, and also less likely to be viewed by home buyers.

A picture is worth a 1000 words … or a home that well sell quickly

The most important photo you can have in your marketing materials for selling your home is the picture of the front of the house being sold. With so many homes being placed in the metro Atlanta market, this is crucial in capturing initial interest of prospective home buyers. The internet savvy buyer will only click on “see more photos” if the initial photo is a good one. Sellers are often advised to cut trees down, trim shrubbery, plant flowers, remove cars from the driveway, among other “improvements” to ensure the perfect front of home photo. If you do not catch their attention in the first photo, research shows that often times buyers will pass you by. The lesson to be learned here is to one: Make sure the photo of the front of your home is amazing and two: make sure that the first photos home buyers see is the front of your home. Statistically, you will be more likely to catch their attention.

The market has spoken…Re-evaluate your asking price

As we begin to place another “real estate buying season” in the history books, it may be time for you to evaluate your asking price if you have gone the entire season without selling your home. A very wise and almost philosophic approach to this dilemma is a tried and true real estate saying that Paige Slyman has learned to live by, “The market has spoken.” Basically, this means that current market conditions are telling you that your current price needs to be re-evaluated if your home is not selling at the price you currently have it listed as. Paige Slyman is experienced in advising and guiding clients on what home sellers should be asking for considering current real estate market conditions.

Ensure directions, map book and page number is correct

This piece of advice ties in to the previous advice about keeping your photos current. It is essential that you ensure that your directions, map book and page number in your MLS listing or any other marketing materials you have are correct, accurate and clear. It is imperative that you make it as easy as possible for real estate agents to get the information they need to show your home. If you don’t, it is quite possible they will move on and show homes being sold by someone that took the time to make it simple and straight forward. It is also important for your real estate professional to remove negative comments such as “if the listing again shows the home the buyer’s agent will not get full commission.” This is unnecessary and often times angers real estate professionals and turns off potential buyers.

Ensure showing instructions are not appointment only.

It is very important to make sure that your home is not being shown with appointment only. This may be a bit of an inconvenience for you, but in the long run, it will work out to your benefit. Real estat professionals show their clients several perspective homes and if your “appointment” times do not match the schedules of both the real estate professional and their clients, more than likely your home will not get shown.

Use specific verbiage, not general jargon and fluff descriptive words

Most home buyers are savvy, and using words such as “great home” or “wonderfully decorated” is often ignored and viewed as biased fluff. When describing your home, get to the point and give key aspects you know home buyers will find as buying points.

In closing, often times selling your homes requires you to step back and put yourself in the position of both the real estate professionals showing your home and the potential buyers you are looking to entice to choose your home as opposed to the thousands of other homes on the market in the metro Atlanta area.

In a market where competition is fierce, it is imperative that you develop marketing and selling strategy that will set your home apart from the cluttered market and put you on the fast track to selling your home. If your home has been on the market for an extended period of time, contact Paige Slyman to begin the process of implementing higher level tactics to ensure that your home will sell. Numbers don’t lie and Paige has the proven track record to back up the success of his proven selling techniques.

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