Help with schools after purchasing a home in Greater Atlanta Gerogia

When moving to a new state, city, town, or even just a new neighborhood you always want to know about the school your child would be in, right? You probably want to know things like where it’s located, where you need to go to register, what documents you need to take with you in order to register, and what the start/end times are. Other parents may want to know more like what are the bus routes, and pick-up times. Well, I’m going to walk you through how to find all that information for Cobb County.

First thing you need to do, is find out with what school zone you’ll be in… That’s an easy thing to find out with the use of an Atlanta Public Schools website. Just type in your new/prospective address and click “Find”.

Once you have figured out the school zone you’ll be in, you will need to find out what school in particular your child will be attending. To do this, give the APS Office of Student Placement a call at 404.802.2233. They will tell you what you need to know about what school your child will be a part of, and where you need to go to register.

The next step is to find out information on registration. Registration dates can be found here, and the list of items needed to register your child can be found here. A friendly, more useful version of this list can be found here. If you want to be really prepared, you can print and fill out this registration form.

All Atlanta Public Schools run on the same daily schedule according to whether it is a elementary, middle, or high school.  This schedule is provided here.

The next thing to shed some light on is the hassle of figuring out transportation for your child. This site makes it very easy for you to find bus routes and pick-up times. Hopefully your child can take the bus if you have to be at work early in the morning, but if not, at least now you know and can plan accordingly.

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