Slyman Real Estate Services Part 2: Selling Your Home

Selling a home can be a daunting task, add into the mix factors such as a down economy and the fact that it is a buyer’s real estate market and it can feel almost impossible. However, with the help of an experienced and trusted real estate professional it doesn’t have to be. Expert REALTOR® Paige Slyman in Marietta, Georgia has a distinguished over 2 decade career guiding metro Atlantans in both the home buying and home selling process.

Deciding to sell your home in a down economy requires careful planning and consideration. It is essential that home sellers are proactive and become informed about what to expect during the home selling process so their home will be a viable contender in the current hyper competitive buyer’s market.

Celebrated for his incredible industry knowledge and real estate know how, Paige Slyman recommends that home seller’s pay particular attention to the following:

-Accurately pricing the home being sold is a fundamental aspect of the selling process. If a seller fails to price the home correctly, it simply will not sell in the down market we’re in. Although it is not easy, sellers must price their home for what it’s worth. One must note that what the home is currently worth is not necessarily the same price as what the seller paid for the home or what the seller thinks the property is worth. An experienced and knowledgeable real estate professional will guide the home seller in developing an appropriate price for the home being sold.

(If a seller is not willing to sell their property for less than what they bought it for, they might be a candidate for property management. Check out our recent blog on our property management services and how this could be a viable option.

-Hiring a reputable and respected REALTOR® is the most effective and efficient way to market a home being sold on the real estate market. Each of Paige Slyman’s listings are viewed online, an average of 14441.28 times per month. In fact, As a result of his innovative marketing strategies, Paige averages 56 customer contacts per month, three times the national average.

-Home sellers must properly stage the home being sold to ensure that it grabs the buyer’s attention. Often times, the difference between getting an offer and not getting an offer depends upon the way the seller presents the home to potential buyers. The basics of home staging are depersonalizing and de-cluttering: packing up personal photographs, family heirlooms, and anything else that might prevent buyers touring the home from dreaming about their new life in the home.

In closing, choosing the right REALTOR® is the most important decision a person selling a home will make. When choosing a REALTOR®, home sellers should consider factors such as experience, industry knowledge, efficient and effective marketing strategies and having a proven track record. Paige Slyman is an Atlanta real estate industry leader and has the expert knowledge to accurately and successfully guide the home seller to maximize their return on investment and minimize the amount of time the home is on the market.  

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