A look forward: Upcoming Metro Atlanta Real Estate Topics

There is a wise but very true saying that goes “we must study history, or we are doomed to repeat our mistakes.” This is especially true with the real estate industry, however, it is equally as important to look to the future and apply what we have learned to our real estate investments and strategies.

As the official “real estate buying and selling season” ends, we feel that it is important to look towards the future, being cognizant of the lessons we have learned. Over the last few months we have spent a considerable amount of time discussing various real estate issues and topics on both our blog and social media efforts. We would like to take a moment and talk about some of the really exciting topics and issues we will be discussing over the next few weeks.

The goal with our blog and social media presence is to educate and engage with both current and potential clients. If you are not a fan of Slyman Real Estate Georgia on Facebook already, take a moment and friend us. We strive to create a social media campaign that has interesting and useful information, advice and industry news.

Over the next few weeks, we are really excited to explore new topics that we hope you will find informative and inspiring. Check back for these exciting new blogs and social media posts.

9/12 – Your home has been on the market all summer—NOW WHAT??

9/19 – Kids are back to school and you are thinking of buying or selling

9/26 – My son’s b-day week and oh by the way mine also. I love my family, etc

We are honored that you look to our blog and social media pages to keep up to date with current real estate trends. We hope that you not only find our communication pieces interesting, but useful and educational. As always, it is
our goal to provide both current and potential clients with the best real estate buying and selling information as possible. We stand strong in the belief that what sets Slyman Real Estate apart from other firms is our consultative and personalized approach. 95% of our business comes from referrals, and it is our goal to maintain that percentage. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve you and for reading our blog.


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