A Reflection of Gratitude and Thanks

Spending over 2 decades in a career that I feel passionate about has left me with a sense of gratitude and a true spirit of Thanksgiving. I am fortunate to earn a living helping my clients realize their dream of home ownership (or selling their home) and for that I am eternally grateful.

In the spirit of looking at the glass half full rather than half empty, I wanted to take a moment to reflect on what I am grateful for in terms of both my personal and professional life.

My clients are amazing and I am thankful for the trust and awesome responsibility that they have given me. I do not take their belief in my ability lightly. I would like to personally thank each and every one of my clients for giving me a chance to develop a strong professional relationship that is based on integrity and open communication. My goal is to develop long term relationships with my clients and a testament to that goal is that I now have a 95% referral rate. This is truly the best compliment I could receive and I am proud that my clients believe in me enough to refer my services to their friends and family.

On a personal level, I am also cognizant of the fact that my love for my career has been supported and driven by the love I feel for my beautiful wife and children. I am thankful to have such a supportive personal team to give me the strength I need to deliver for my clients professionally. My family is my rock and I am more appreciative than you will ever know for everything they have given me.

On a different note, with most of the world’s news being bleak and dismal most of the time, I feel it is necessary to reflect on some of the good things that are going on in the real estate industry and even beyond.  With historically low interest rates, motivated sellers and buyers and a nation doing everything we can to re-build, now is a great time to be a home buyer or seller. I encourage anyone in the real estate market to focus on the positive aspects of the real estate market and consult with me or your REALTOR ® on ways to strategically overcome the difficult issues facing the market today.

In closing, I am grateful to both my clients and my family. I feel that much has been given to me and therefore much is expected and that is a challenge that I am excited to take on. After over 2 decades being in metro Atlanta real estate, there is nothing else I would rather be doing and for that I am so very thankful. I appreciate all of your love and support.


Paige Slyman

Give us a call at 770.405.0100 x 2 or email us at paige@paigeslyman.com

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