Trouble Selling Your Home? Property Management is the Solution

For over 2 decades, Paige has been a trendsetter in Atlanta real estate strategy and solutions. As more of his loyal clients are faced with the reality that while they need to sell their home for various reasons, whether it be to downsize, move for career opportunities or the addition of new family members, they might not want to sell their property.

Disgruntled but still hopeful by their situation, many people have turned to Paige to help them solve their real estate dilemma and seek advice that will facilitate both their real estate and financial long term goals. In a majority of the cases, the solution is quite simple actually…Property Management.

Short or Long Term Solution

As the real estate industry continues to appreciate thousands of home owners are turning to property management as a solution to short or long terms gains. This option allows the home owner to keep the home while home prices rise. Allowing someone else to move in and rent your property can provide you with the peace of mind that you are not forfeiting a great deal of more money selling in todays market. Rather you are excited about the much larger profit in the coming years. It also allows you to have the mortgage paid for each month by the renter. It is a win/win situation for all parties involved.

More Renters…Higher Demand…More Money for You.

There is an intense increase in demand for rental property that is causing rental rates to increase, especially in the Atlanta area. This means that if you opt to utilize a property management strategy rather than selling your home, you stand to bring in more cash each month that you can put towards your mortgage or into savings.

Property Management for Investment Purposes

There currently is a huge trend in investors looking to capitalize on the amazing deals in the metro Atlanta area. Many investors are buying properties for the sole reason of putting them on the rental market and allowing a renter to pay for the mortgage, use massive tax deductions, and realize huge gains in a short period of time.

In closing, it is imperative that you seek counsel with a reputable and knowledgeable real estate professional that is familiar with the trends in the area you are looking to buy, sell or invest in. Paige Slyman is an expert in the metro Atlanta real estate market and able to provide you with solid advice that is backed by industry trends, and years of experience.

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