Fall into good home selling practices: Autumn best selling tricks of the trade

The summer real estate season is a distant memory and autumn is officially here. If you keep up with our blogs, you may recall that we have mentioned that statistically, more homes are sold in the spring and summer time than any other seasons. However, that does not mean that you should get down if your home is still on the market. After all, you have a lot of things on your side: historically low interest rates; motivated buyers that are actively searching and you have counsel and real estate representation from knowledgeable real estate professional, Paige Slyman.

As we begin the full transition into another season, we feel it is very important to discuss one extremely crucial real estate selling tactic re-evaluation. If your home has gone through the entire real estate season without being sold, it is imperative that you take an honest look why it has not been a viable contender in the hyper competitive metro Atlanta real estate market.

While statically spring and summer are the busiest real estate selling seasons, many of the same reasons buyers are interested in real estate in those months still exist throughout the year. A savvy real estate seller will evaluate the reasons why their target market might want to buy or not buy during a particular time and strategize accordingly. For example, if you have a perfect home for a family of five in a great neighborhood, your target market might be a young family with school aged kids. It might make logical sense that your target market would prefer to move in the summer time when the kids are not in school. Your strategic approach could be to include extra emphasis on the amazing school district that your home is in. In doing so, it might compel the young parents to “jump” at the chance to buy a home in such a wonderful school district, even if it is while their kids are currently enrolled in school. The moral of the story is this: take what you have and work with it. Play up the amazing things about your home and neighborhood.

Paige Slyman is an industry expert in counseling clients on unique ways to sell your home. If you are in need of selling strategies for your home, you can also review past blogs where we have gone into great detail on various approaches that have been tried and true tricks of the trade for both Paige and his clients. Fall into great real estate practices, and you will definitely increase your chances of selling your home this autumn.

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