Thank you to my family and clients

Recently I was reflecting upon one of the busiest and most successful summer real estate “buying and selling seasons” that I have had in my real estate career.  I was lucky enough to spend much of the past summer real estate season consulting with and helping clients sell or buy their homes. This week, I would like to take the time to thank both my amazing family and incredible clients for allowing me to live my dream and to have a career that I not only love, but that I am truly passionate about.

I would like to personally acknowledge the impact and contribution that my family has had on me, both personally and professionally. It is their unconditional love and support that pushes me to be the best husband, father and real estate professional that I can be. I truly attribute much of my success in my professional life to my wonderful family.

Staying on the same note of giving credit where credit is due, I would also like to personally thank my fantastic clients. During my 15 year career practicing real estate in metro Atlanta, I have had the privilege working with many great people. One of my biggest thrills in my professional life is experiencing the moment that my client realizes they are walking in their future home, and the excitement that  realization brings. I am lucky and honored that my clients entrust me with the awesome responsibility of helping them buy or sell one of the most important and biggest investments of their life: their home.  I am proud to say that 95 percent of my business comes from referrals and I truly consider referrals the biggest and best compliment that I can receive as a real estate professional.

In closing, I recognize how lucky and I am to be surrounded by so many wonderful people in my life.  I wake up every single day grateful for my supportive and dedicated family. I also never take for granted that my clients are the reason that I am able to have a career that brings mejoy and that I am both passionate and excited about.  To both my family and clients: Thank you so much and I look forward to many great things in the future.


Paige Slyman

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